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( @Nature_and_Race )
Race-mixing and homosexuality have reached the size and intensity of religion.

Those of us who oppose them stand as heretics today. For it is we who oppose them that they most vehemently want to burn at the stake.

( @Stewartsville )
@Nature_and_Race How has a small minority of faggot race traitors been able to manipulate the narrative by pushing this disgusting behavior on the majority of Whites, I'll tell you how, if it stinks & rots your core values it must be the jews every single time.

( @Haemish )
Society at large dictates you have to be pro gay and pro miscegenation but not opposed or indifferent. It never occurs to the midwits that this is intentionally targeting heterosexual White people - because that’s only who it wants to burn at the stake

( @Dave_Gab )
@Nature_and_Race I wouldn't be surprised if it's a CIA psyops program. This kind of degeneracy doesnt just come along organically.

( @Grahamelambda )
@Nature_and_Race ttoo right brah the women who are singlemoms mudsharking without care or shame and in hunt of a beta provider simp to feed adn pay for tyrones mudlings...discusting



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