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Just to be clear, I have no intention nor would want to participate in human sacrifice. I love people and believe life is sacred.

My questions are for any polytheists in the sub that worship deities known to have been given human sacrifice as an offering in history

Does this disturb you? Did you get over it and chalk it up to the ancestors had their customs and you have your own? How did you react to it? Please be respectful in your comments.

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Animal sacrifices aren’t something I’ve done, but something I plan to incorporate in the future. How is this different than human sacrifice? Because we got big minds?

Well, for one, it’s against the law...in case you lack the morality which dictates not to slaughter an innocent human being in a religious ritual.

Witches aren’t meant to follow the law silly! We break the law of how nature is supposed to flow through people. That’s a pretty big law man. But fr, witches have always been on the fringe of society, witchcraft, to me, is the practice of taboo forms of magic. They were only influenced by the laws of man and their country because it got in the way of things. Magic =/= witchcraft. The very act of witchcraft was illegal for a long time. Don’t fear one illegal act and not another. I get I sound like I’ve got some screws loose. But why support animal sacrifice, but not human? Unless you’re anti animal sacrifice, that’s a whole other story. The dog or cat or deer will weep for their killed baby as much as a human mother would, ritualistic death or not.



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