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spoiler(On April 7th, 2021, this was posted on /his/, the "History & Humanities" board of 4chan, by an unknown user. It is a Tiktaalik variant of the they will assimilate you meme, going as follows.)

First panel: "Taalik, I must ascend from the waters," the first tiktaalik says.

Second panel: "You'll regret this, evolution will assimilate u," the second tiktaalik replies.

"Relax, I'll be fine," the first one insists.

Third & Fourth panel: "EYYYYY I'M BACK," a bespectacled, long-nosed neckbeard with a missing tooth exclaims, 375 million years later.

Fifth panel: "If God real, why bad thing happen. Stupid sexist fairytales lol. We wuz amoebas," the man says, now with his entire body shown, and we can see that he is very heavily built/muscular (the character was probably meant to be morbidly obese), and has "FSTDT" written across his abdomen.

"Dios mio," the second, and now only, ancient fish exclaims at the sight.



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