Various Incels #racist

[Venting] i hate slavs/slavic people

they are good for fooling around and drinking alcohol, but when it game time you can't rely on them. never trust russians or anyone that's part of the soviet bloc. if you ask a russian a favor you might as well shoot yourself instead, because death is more reliable than the word of a pruski. there's a reason why the world is distrustful of russia, and its not because of the nukes, and not because of the government- its the fucking people.

anything you hear about spetnaz being the 'elite forces of the world' is also bullshit. there's a reason why they aren't deployed anywhere and delta force is killing terrorists all year round. their mma fighters are also shit, they look scary sure. but americans are still dominating mma and they will for a very long time.

Slavic people were the original niggers. Their name literally came from "Slave". I'm fucking done dude it's over for slavs.

They're the niggers of White people. That is, if you consider them White in the first place.



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