cahoots32 #sexist

Women will never understand men’s struggles

There are a lot of women coming out and dising mens self improvement and mens groups. These women will never understand our struggle
Growing up I was invisible to most women until I gained status I lived life on veteran mode no one gave a shit about me I was disposable like most men are. Even when i gained status i have had guys betray me over pussy countless times. I even got a false accusation in the summer time due to a women lying and my male friends turned against me. Women live life on tutorial mode. Us guys have to become the prize women are already the prize they are born with 100 simps coming after then. Women live life on tutorial everything is handed to them.

So these women will never understand being invisible and having to work for shit. The grind for us guys never ends we’re always working but for women once they get there beta bux then it’s a wrap.

Taken from r/TheKingPill



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