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LifeFuel [HIGH IQ] The Term 'Involuntary celibate' was not created by a Foid named "Alana"!

All it takes is a simple Google Search of the term "Involuntary Celibates" (With Quotes.), in the Google Books section, Sort by Date, and click "19th Century" instead of "Any Time", this is what you will find.


The term "Involuntary celibate" dates all the way back the the 19th Century in two books, one was the Cambridge essays, published in 1858! The term was used verbatim, Were men in tenure were bound to be Involuntary celibate until their tenure was over. There is no way for this "Alana" to have coined this term in 1858, for she would have to be over 162 Years of age in 2021! Clearly this is not possible. For no man, or woman, has ever reached such an age, and would inevitable garner media attention on this fact alone, seeing as she has not, she clearly wasn't in this time period.

I also have evidence to come to the conclusion that this "Alana" is not even what she claims to be, there is no evidence that she is even a woman, there is no photos of her, no Articles on google scholar about her "Group" or any of her Research, and she clearly was not even the one responsible for coining the term "Involuntary Celibacy". For all I know, I might as well effectively say that she does not exist. This is Lifefuel for all the Incels who were lied to about the term "Involuntary CElibate" being "Coined" by some Neoliberalism Feminist out of some university.



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