Roger Marks #fundie

(Commenting on story “Charity Chick-fil-A Plans to Expand Support to in 2020 Drove Woman to Abortion Facility in Michigan”):

The language of Covenant House is couched in polispeak to enable them to do what they please without trying to offend anyone. A classic answering the question without answering the question.

If Covenant House does not facilitate abrtions why was one of their vans outside an abortion clinic? It is like them saying we don't buy foreign cars for our fleet but a buyer is seen at a Citroen dealership.

As for being faith based, It seems their faith is based on their ability to hide the facts from people who would not support what they are doing if they knew the real facts.

And as for creating a "more LGBTQ-inclusive and affirming program and environment” why is there no inclusive and affirming programme and environment for people that are fornicators, or adulterers, or compulsive masturbators, or alcoholics, or kleptomaniacs, or, or, or.......

Any organisatioin that purports to be for all sorts of people and yet hones in on the needs of homosexuals is disingenious to say the least and at best, denying the obvious.



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