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[SuicideFuel] I'm surprised that the suicide rates are so low

It's like people are too numb to commit to something that should be so obvious. There should be suicide Olympics. Mass suicide events where giving up on the world gives people fleeting moments of purpose. It's exactly the like special Olympics--only instead of a retard medal you put a bullet in you. The only difference is that one even is a huge delusional euphemism, and the other is COLD BRUTAL REALITY. The best part about mass suicide is the song and dance of the normans acting like they care, when they really want to just warm up some marshmallows and watch this shit like the next UFC event.

At the end of the day UFC will probably be more entertaining than watching people commit suicide-- because normies want to watch WINNERS WIN, not LOSERS LOSE. You should not kill yourself to spite normies, but because you are certain there is nothing else worth living for.



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