The Raunchous Brothers #fundie

(Liner notes of their album "Hail Metal.... Destroy Faggotry!" Keep in mind that The Raunchous Brothers are a mix of hardcore punk and thrash metal.)



Before Heavy Metal there was nothing. In ancient times, battle hymns would inspire and lead many legions of Romans, Barbarians, Vikings and other warriors into battle. Then, of course, came the classical masters such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner, whose expertise in song structure, time changes, counterpoint, melodies, harmonies, etc, is reflected in the brilliance and power that is Heavy Metal music. In these modern times, the one and only musical form that contains the virtues of honour, strength, testosterone and pride needed to lead us proud warriors of today into battle is Heavy Metal. Metal is powerful, glorious and truly elite.

Hip-Hop/Rap caters to uneducated and mindless robots who are slaves to a destructive criminal trend. Punk, Hardcore and Indie Rock are degenerate and subversive forms of brainwashing. This shit exists for the sole purpose of emasculating our United States of America and promoting an agenda of faggotry and Marxism. We shall never allow ourselves to be influenced by the lies that have been forced upon us by these leftist traitors. These parasites and their nauseating way of life demand everything of this world, but offer nothing of value in return. May they all DIE IN PAIN!

We are The Raunchous Brothers, proud speed metal warriors of the superior tradition.
We hail the honour and the glory of Heavy Metal and accept nothing else.
We shall never tolerate the acceptance of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, liberals and leftist bolsheviks.
We are forever committed to waging a relentless war against all forms of faggotry.


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