rsliivergun #wingnut

Union membership is declining because unions do not work for the middle class. They are designed to funnel money to rich people running the unions. People have wised up to the scam but now they are running the scam on young people who do not know any better and do not know the history of the mafia led unions. Shameful.

How far down your diaglog tree did I have to get before it came to shameful and mafia. Don't sputter out of talking points too quickly now.

What talking points? Unions are traditionally run by the mafia because they are extortionists who extort the middle class worker for protection from the big bad employers. It is just another racket being run on the middle and lower class workers. The scam has been run before and they are trying it again on the younger generation. Are you going to claim that the mafia does not run unions? Leftists are devoid of facts. Unions are not your friend. The teachers union has proven that. Go read your DC think tank blogs and tell us what the facts are again. No one is buying it except for the young or terminally stupid. You are the latter now but you used to be both.



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