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Just my thoughts on the matter.
Look around the news these days.
College's teach classes that whites are privileged and racists by the very act of being born white.
They are barring them from certain places on campus.
The same is happening with Maleness and christianity (not judaism or islam though)
Christians are denigrated openly and joyously. It's fashionable to hate them.
In today's world, if you are a straight white male, you're the most atrocious thing walking the planet now and responsible for everything that is wrong with the world.

So when these disenfranchised youths look around and see all this, its not hard to see them being lured to KKK, Et.al ...
It shouldnt be too hard to see this, after all, it is exactly what we have been saying about attacking muslims and creating more extremists.
When you start painting broad sections of people as all evil because of one thing or another, it leads no where good.



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