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RE: Gay men angry with Rad Fems for not doing enough about TIFs in their spaces

( Spencer_Shayy )
Gay men, the men who stayed quiet at best when their brothers-in-wigs began invading our spaces and threatening to rape and murder us, or who smugly cheered it on at worst, now what us to give a shit when straight little fujoshi women do it to them?

Gay men, who gave me and so many other women shit for focusing on women's rights in addition to gay rights? Who called me TRASH for doing so?

Gay men, who have constantly treat lesbians like shit throughout history even though we were the ones who helped you during the AIDs crisis when everyone thought touching you would infect them?

I hate these creepy homophobic TIFs almost as much as I hate TIMs, but this is karma.

"Transgender" is a men's movement. You're damn right I'm going to blame men. Gay men are just as misogynistic as straight men, hell, gay men makeup some of the "trans" population. You're all to blame - every single one of you, no matter your race or sexuality.

To any gay men who may be lurking here - FUCK YOU! Reap what you sow.

( mathlover )
Gay men were the reason the T was added to the alphabet soup. When this occurred the vast majority of "trans" were gay men, with the het men mostly avoiding the gay spaces where they felt unwelcome (they did not want to be thought of as gay men). Adding the T to LGB was done largely by stealth so the gay men could get their gay male buddies into LGB community centers and other services.

If gay men get rid of the T completely, the larping women will go as well. The balls are in their (gay mens) court.

( Ceibo )
Have gay men helped lesbians and women in general keep their personal spaces TIM-free? Have they given us their support? No? then they need to STFU and GTFO. TIFs are far less dangerous than TIMs anyway.

Men are the fucking worst, gay, bi or straight.

( Megasaurus )
Gay men can just tell TIFs to fuck off and 90% of them will just run away and cry. Lesbians who tell TIMs to fuck off have to worry about getting hurt by narcissistic, enraged Buffalo Bills. Because of that, gay men have been able to defend their spaces much more effectively.



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