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Re: This is what will happen to you if you look at a female as an ugly male. This is what they do to us.


And women wikl honestly try to tell you they are oppressed. Their only oppression is in the form of lack of chads. Chads being a rarity and the womans own sexuak market value. Girls literally justify cheating on their long term partners because they have felt cheated on before. I.e highly desireable chad didnt commit and she felt less than his equal.

The only reason women exoereince any discrimination is chad worship. They get in their minds that life is all about them. Its why they think they can do whatecer they want, act like a degenerate and also somehow live the princess life. Men exist in female world as objects. Sex objects and utility objects. When the object makfuncfions or doesnt deliver what she wants thats ahen she feels "violated" i.e bit hes crying over another foid stealing chad when they woukd have done the sane thing. Or an ugly guy looking at a foid, how dare he, lets teach him a lesson for not fitting into my view of a perfect world. Weve made megalomaniacs. Lady macbeth's



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