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( @Rasmussen_poll )

spoilerSo hacking these machines was "impossible" in 2020
when Biden won.
However, now that the Democrats are about to get
their butts kicked, it's magically possible for these
machines to be hacked & manipulated.
Got it.
Thanks for inadvertently confirming 2020 was rigged.

( @ChampKindSports )
@Rasmussen_poll the humiliation ritual will be when Dems actually put people in jail for it and most likely in short order and reclaim their seats where GOP did nothing for 2 years

( @sherrymarie70 )
@Rasmussen_poll Let's not forget that they said the machines were hackable in 2016 when Trump won.

( @brandoncobb )
@Rasmussen_poll I still say that there is no way Biden got mor votes than Obama. Obama had 95% of the black vote.
I’ve been calling bullshit and I’m still calling bullshit!

@Rasmussen_poll stop the cheating cheater abortion monger monster of inflation... remenber what biden did in Afganistan or ukraine .. democRats destroy countries



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