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[Blackpill] Happy relationships don't exist, everyone who gets the chance cheats [water is wet]

So, this is nothing new but, the concept of relationships is just bullshit in a modern, globalized society with free media. Anyone should understand this, it's easy:

Humans are not monogamous. That's just not natural.

Femals will always go for the genetic superior male. They are not happy in a relationship because of that. They cheat when they have the opportunity to be with a genetic superior man.

Males also cheat. But for a different reason. Males will always go for spreading their semen as wide as possible. That means, a man will lose interest in having sex with one female after a period of time. He will then go and cheat when he has the opportunity to be with another female. But in this case, the female doesn't need to be more attractive than his gf/wife. He will lose interest in any female, no matter how good she looks.

But there is one constellation that comes the closest to a happy monogamous relationship: A beautiful couple. The female is with a male that is genetic superior to any other male they could be able to be with. She will worship this guy, she doesn't feel the urge to cheat.

But on the other hand, we have the man again. He will be happy to show off his beautiful wife and everything. But as he doesn't have this urge to be with the one best female - he wants to have sex with as many females as possible. he will still cheat. But in this kind of relationship, the female would probably even tolerate her male to cheat on her, or suggest threesomes, orgies etc.

Traditional islamic societies are aware of this. They always keep male and female individuals separated - except for family members. It's important to keep the female to encounter as few male strangers as possible. So she will see her future husband as a geneticly superior male and be satisfied being with him - and only him.

Oh and, I forgot to mention the media. Well, the media shows genetic superior males all the time. Females can sit there all they and look at astonishing male bodies at Tinder, tumblr, or whatever they are called. And those dating apps actually give them the power to be with them easily. They will never ever be satisfied being with her bolding, fat, drinking ugly (sub 8 or even higher) man. Why should they? It would be stupid and illogical from her point of view.

Oh and, I am not muslim, not even religious. It's all bullshit. But some rules of those bullshit fairy tales can be helpful for men. I am looking at this topic from a biologic point of view.



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