Pamela F. Beach #fundie #dunning-kruger

(A review of a creationist book)

Remember the chart in the science books that show the development from apes to modern man, and the stages in between? (Australopithecus, Java man, Pekin man, etc.) This book clearly shows that those "stages", or links, we're based on broken skull fragments and pieces of a broken jaw bone, or in one case, only on one tooth!
Very meager evidence, and hastily drawn conclusions form the foundation that this chart was based on, and nothing really scientific. The reading can be somewhat tedious, but the information presented is worth the effort. Get this book, and also here on Amazon, get Kent Hovind's 7 DVD set on Creation, Evolution and Dinosaurs.
Give this information to your child's science teacher and put a copy in your local library.



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