America is dead - RIP #fundie

The Democrats achieved a major long term goal in November, one that they have worked on for over 40 years: dumbing down the population (complements of the teacher's unions), along with the assistance of the vast quantities of communist professors in our colleges.

You see, if the average American voter's intelligence was that of what it was even 20 years ago, there would be NO WAY that Obama would be in office, let alone re-elected (whatever THAT means nowadays). There is NO WAY that the Democrats would get away with a third of the corrupt anti-American stuff that they're freely doing now, and laughing in America's face as they do it.

But now - we truly have a Nation of Idiots....

- Blacks that only vote on the basis of color and Da Free Ride, and a chance to 'stick it to da man', ala OJ Simpson murder trial verdict style.

- We have a vast quantity of Hispanics that really don't know or care about America, but as long as their illegal relatives can stay, that our southern border door is jammed open, and their invading families get the Ultimate Free Ride in the form of the Democrat-supported Dream Act, hey, yo quero, hombre!!!!! La Raza will RULE this country, you stupid gringos!

- Finally, we have a huge amount of young white single liberal slutpuppies that are programmed to feel guilty that they're white, that care only about their personal Right to Kill their unborn inconvenient children, OMG who is texting me now, and the ability to be a causal semen recepticle for the next cute guy in their college class when and how they choose....

Put all of these groups all together, and there isn't enough collective, objective intelligence to light the average home.

And we wonder how Obama got re-elected, and the Democrats still hold most of the power...

I wonder now if it'll ever change, but this country won't be around long enough for another presidential election.



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