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[RageFuel] Out of every type of girl I hate, I absolutely ABHOR college whores.

They're honestly the worst type of foid.

Their days go like this:

* Go to their classes regularly.
* Go back to their dorm or their sorority house.
* Friends invite them over.
* They get drunk.
* Have a huge sex party. Gets fucked by all different types of Chads, including Tyrones.
* Blacks out.
* Wakes up groggily at 9am.
* Starts retweeting basic progressive bullshit, feminist shit, and pro-abortion hogwash.

Then when they're all done with this daily routine they marry some fucking smart, rich betacuck. And he FORGIVES her basically for doing all this shit, and she'll even do it behind his back. Water is wet.

I'm going to scream at some college foids when I go back on campus. I'm going to fucking sperg out at them just so I have an excuse to fucking sucker punch one of those hellspawns in the face when they try to retaliate at me with any type of assault. I'm generally an easy going person but just looking at them makes me seethe with rage after actively knowing about and seeing the things that they do.

FUCK THEM. Not literally because I'm not even attracted to them. Knowing and seeing how slutty college foids are through my Chad/Chadlite friends has desensitized me from ever having feelings towards them. I'd rather put my dick inside a New York City sewer stream than put my dick anywhere near some disgusting college bitch.



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