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I catfished my so-called foid friend

I knew it was suspicious due to the circumstance that she had hoe behavior, I used to snap with her, sent video snaps and such. But nothing romantic happened because she never saw me like "the one."

Anyway, I decided one day to catfish her, and guess what? She started to be more receptive, opened up the convos quickly, rather than with my real account. She used to snap me all kinds of shit (which usually she didn't on my main acc), and found out somehow I was catfishing her.

I admitted that shit but because she was starting to treat me like one of her friends, like an emotional couch. She was angry a few weeks before and complained about that "catfish" which was me, and she said "well I'm gonna block him if he's not going to admit who he is."

A few weeks later and she still talked to me aka the catfish, she was snapping constantly and was curious and on the edge. Fuck off, bitch, I knew before that hoes will stay hoes, but at least admit you are a shallow cunt.

BTW, I blocked her because I got so angry at this bullshit. Stop justifying hoe behavior.

Maybe there's a man in her heart "the one" who she gets fucked by (in her heart), the bitch in heat.

Well, if there was a man, I would knew before. But hey, I know that she has a taste for muscular men with washboard abs, so I'm not surprised.

Anyway, in other words, water is wet.

Well I'm glad you wised up and came to the conclusion that countless amounts of men have come to for generations before us- that men and women cannot truly be friends. That there will always be one who wants more. Sucks that you had to figure it out in such a brutal way. All women are whores.

I knew it before, I just like to confirm my beliefs and remind myself everyday that blackpill will never change.



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