D3X #sexist incels.co

JFL even using their bluepilled logic if you question their statements you get a red pilled statement

Foe example "not all women are the same " is a good one to start with it implies that, there are exceptions to the rule, which they deny in the first place. So the full statement is The majority of women are the SAME, but there are some exceptions. They don't realize that the majority overrules the minority by a huge fucking margin, and using some basic economics and a little bit of nature you can deduce if there is a high quality product and a supply of "good women" they will be taken , which leaves you the incel,average joe with the majority of whores. Id also like to add on how they apply bad traits to the majoirity of them (making them sexist by their very definition) but somehow bullshit them selves that there are good women . FUCK NORMIES AND THEIR LOGIC

Ive heard the :redpill:Just find a trad countryside conservative foid bro:redpill: a lot, their logic is flawed because even getting those foids is hard in the first place. Most conservative foids arent that much different from leftists too

those are bluepilled, the true red pill was about spinning plates and it applied to normies, but at least understood that hypergamy exists and that women couldn't love trully. They were not that delusional. The redpill was about game, biology, and money. The tradcucks infiltrated it and labeled it a redpill and applied their delusions on it. And since the tradcucks outnumber the true red-pillers they lost that war and so the red pill is what we know today "muh traditionalism"



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