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By introduction, Ismael Perez is a Galactic historian and Cosmic Ambassador to the Earth, here to reconnect the Earth to the galactic community.
Two books he loves are: (1) The Keys of Enoch: a book that was meant for the 144,000, a white book with 7 feathers with the coded word Yahwah. It’s higher level knowledge, encoded with everything. It even talks about the Solar Flash, and it’s written like a metaphor. (2) The Urantia Papers.
He was genetically enhanced and edited. His genes come from various ET sources (like many of us). His channels were open again after practicing Kriya kundalini yoga that he learned from the Master he met in rehab.
Starseeds can carry 24 to 48 strands of DNA. A few Humans (100, to be exact, and he’s one) carry 144 strands. “The Mighty Hundred.” There are 50 male, 50 female, and he’s met 6 others of them.
Super soldiers are different, they do have a higher genetic potential than other humans and they’re part of Solar Warden.
The EBS is looking like it will take place in August/September. The White Hats have all the evidence they need to take down the entire deep state, replace the old control structure with the QFS, and institute NESARA/GESARA.
Project ODIN will take over all airwaves, and for 10 days, the doubles/clones will be arrested, and disclosure of Extra-Terrestrials, healing tech, replicators, etc. will take place.
The Quantum computer, which is also biological and under the control of the Galactics, will be able to read the frequency of each of our heart chakras, The more compassion and love in our hearts, the greater access we’ll have to funds and resources.
The heart generates a greater frequency than the brain. The greater our frequency, the greater our abundance and unlimited access to funds.
We’ll be a type 2 interplanetary system (think Star Trek), and are actually bypassing type 1 (think Buck Rogers).



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