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All new holographic realities are starting to shine through the last layer of the veil remaining and dissolving fully now, as our multidimensional crystalline structures, 12/13D Diamond Grid and DNA strands, are coming quickly online now, along with our True Cosmic History Records, as the Hall of Records and Emerald Tablet’s are igniting our true memories from deep within us now.

We have fully activated and awoken our Cosmic Dragon and Maji Grail King’s and Queen’s aspects now, and as the Divine Solar Masculine and Feminine principles have come to Divine Union as One with Source, now completing our Ascension out of the artificial Matrix hologram! Thank you for everyone who took part in yesterday’s Dragon Awakening Transmission and live Activation, and/ or listens to the replay (links in comments below), as we helped make the magic happen! Amazing work ALL, as we assisted in the full Awakening of all of the 13 Dragon beings that were held in stasis and enveloped in the Earth’s crust along with millions of dragon eggs, until the Collective Consciousness would be ready for the Great Awakening! Which is NOW!
I can see the millions of dragon eggs opening and cracking, and any remaining Dragon beings that have been in stasis and asleep now fully awakening and rising powerfully, along with Michael’s Sword and Saint Michael’s Line, and various Dragonline gateways and dragon grids and points, coming fully online and activating. Clearing out any remaining remnants of the old negative alien machinery, AI, networks, reversals and lower, artificial frequencies, negative entities and energies. Some are noticing Ascension symptoms subsiding and lessening, as all the interference patterns, distortions, reversals, miasma, false light matrices, entities, implants, seals, artificial materials and technologies etc., ALL that was false, artificial and inverted, is being fully dissolved and removed, along with all of the artificial Matrix realities.



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