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In the UK, there is in fact a lot of trouble with BOYS bothering girls in unisex school restrooms—sexual harassment, attempts to photograph girls attending to their business, and so forth. One young girl had to go to the hospital after a boy “donkey-kicked” the stall door, slamming it into her forehead. I can’t believe the profound naivete, sheer stupidity, and disregard for girls’ safety and privacy that fed into that policy. And there have also been incidents of trans-identified men assaulting women and girls in restrooms—one of the prisoners in that Scottish women’s prison where Adam Graham was sent is doing time for that very crime. The quote from Rep. Holt sounds perfectly sensible and not “weird” at all. (OMG, I’m agreeing with a Republican!”)

[“Then police the non-queer students who are abusing the system. If it isn't the trans kids then why should they suffer for the cis kids' abuse (a kind of double jeopardy)?”]

How do you “police” school restrooms? Hire more security guards?

If trans-identified men commit crimes at the same rate as men in general, why would we expect trans-identified boys to be any different from other boys when it comes to antisocial behavior?

And incidentally that word qu**r is still offensive to a lot of people, both gay and straight. And there’s no such thing as “cis.”



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