NIGELTEAPOT #fundie #wingnut

you not only speak incorrectly, you speak the opposite. you do so so thoroughly that you invert the Truth altogether.

demons invert the Truth because it is fatal to them.

sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance either immediately cause possession or are simply guaranteed to do so at some point. you have based your entire autistic self around each and every one of the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

The only thing you know about me is that I am so much smarter than you, and that you go into a dissociative state simply reading my posts. This "missionary work" you describe involves dealing with reprobates like yourself, and I shall take no part in it lest I ruin my spotless soul.

The unfortunate problem with maniacs is that you think I am some figment of your imagination rather than a Human Being Lovingly Made in the Image of God. you think I only exist for you to use as your autistic punching bag, where you think you will rationalize your evil away by scapegoating and stupidity and satanism.

you are about a hair away from me actively removing the "his eyes WILL be opened Permanently" from my predatory prayer against you. you are suicidal (among other things) so clearly your spirit of murder wants that.



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