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[RageFuel] Ricecels, why did you destroy the world?

I know my people (curries) are utterly subhuman and disgusting (but so are yours). You are a savage and immature race with an absolute lack of moral consciousness. To satisfy your ominous appetite, you invaded forbidden ecosystems like bat territories, and in the process invited horrific diseases just to get a modicum of animal protein. And you also have no regard for the animals you kill; you kill them with utter recklessness, completely ignoring the agony and existential fear they are in. And you've justified these disgusting habits by calling them a part of your culture, that needs to be acknowledged and respected by other peoples. And look what that kind of cultural marxism brought upon the world. You fucking pigs fucking destroyed this world within a span of a couple of months you pieces of shit.

A generation ago, your people were fucking slaves, and today you are glorified slaves, having earned the reputation of being a good little productive slave. That reputation made you arrogant and your immature brain thought you could do whatever you wanted. Well look what that brought upon the world. Your oppression, your recklessness, your subhumanity has killed the human civilization. And now you're going to use your propaganda to turn it around and somehow blame the world. What gave you the right to fucking do this huh? Why are you such vile disgusting race? WHY? Why do you oppress, censor and kill your own people? And why are your people such demure low testosterone wallflowers that would happily take a beating with a smile? You disgust me and offend me. If I were the leader of the free world, I would've pressed the red button and nuked your country several times over.



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