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Frank T D’Anna #fundie

Jennifer Joyce:
I see, so you pick and choose the (Bible) translation that contains the most hate and confirmation bias you can? Not concerned with truth at all. I get it.

Frank T D’Anna:
You prance upon these platforms like a prowling predator, thinly disguised as a proud peacock, under the pretensious proclamation of professing to be wise, but proving yourself a futile fool ! PSEUDO-SOPHISTICATE !
Yet, all-the-while perpetually positioning yourself on a precarious precipice, and the perch of your pathetic perishing predicament, preposterously promulgating, "I see."
Being warped, crooked and led astray (perverted by definition), you cannot think, see, hear, smell, taste, feel, walk, talk, behave, or even act straight ! So your mindless misperceptions do not matter, since you already 'mastered' the (dis)ability to UNSEE !
As it is written
(about you and your ilk) :
"Professing themselves as wise, they became fools."
"And when they thought in themselves that they were wise, they became insane."
ROMANS 1:22 {KJV} and
{Aramaic Version in Plain English}
Read ROMANS 1:23-32, to 'see' the rest of your putrid personal profile !
You don't know God,
but most assuredly, He knows you !
Meanwhile, cease and desist parading around as a pitiful, parroting paraiah, 'proceeding' like a clown in the circus !



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