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Billy Carson, Brian Foerster, Sean Stone,
Greg Braden and other top contributors weigh in on the Pre-Adamic Race of Long Skull Non-Human and Hybrid Species also referred to as the Paracus.

These skulls have been found on every continent except Antarctica? And you can bet they have found far more than just skulls in Antarctica, but that the truth is being hidden from the world.

Reports of Royal Bloodlines with these Elongated Skulls are said to be still occurring in our present day.

While Skull Binding has been documented throughout the world to achieve Cranial Deformation, this represents an attempt to IMITATE the Race of Genetically Inherited Long Skulls that have a Cranial Capacity for Brains far, far larger than possible for Humans.

The Royals, Nobility and Priest Class were the ones who had these Gentics Naturally.

Imitating this Ruling Class through Skull Binding would bestow that authority upon the pretenders.

The best example of this is the Mayan’s.

All of the Mayan Elite had Elongated Skulls. The question is, how many had Elongated Skulls through Genetic Inheritance?
Until About 300 Years After Jesus.

The Father of Noah accused his own wife of having SEX with a NEPHILIM, because the New Born Noah was of gigantic size and he GLOWED.

If Jahova Destroyed the World by Flood to Cleans the Earth of Hellspawn Nephilim, and Noah himself was also of that Blood, how does that reconcile with the Biblical Narrative?

Not only that, but the second? wife of Noah was of Nephilim Blood as well.

So if we are all Descendants of Noah, and he had Watcher/Nephilim Blood, so would all of Humanity
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Megalithic Structures of Antarctica and Giant Pyramid Materializations with Billy Carson and Sean Stone

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