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[Venting] Society is built around women

Yes yes, water is wet, but - It's all built around the protection of women. They claim to be equal to men, however they cannot fight for themselves or be on their own, making them expensive citizens. The amount of resources spent on their protection is insane, and for what? So they can influence politics and make it socially acceptable to sleep around and therefore being able to select a smaller number of men who they can fuck until "the age wall" sets in? And even then, their SMV is still high enough to attract younger men, which is why feminism is promoting polyamory as a good and natural thing. It's beyond cucked that they can have their cake and it eat too.

This will likely never change, irreversible damage has been done. Women are the ruling class. Even if chads only make up 5% of men, women and chads combined make up more than half of the population, meaning that they are the ones to influence the direction of politics. On top of that, there are the bluepilled men who have been brainwashed into thinking that the chads + women are the ones who are correct, and therefore simp for politics that actually negatively impact them. It's like a purely capitalistic society, where even the most poor citizens (cucked betas) want more capitalism (women's right to ride the CC and marry when it's time for comfort).

Funny, isn't it though? Most women want to live in a economically socialistic world where money is distributed fairly to every human (a society in where men most men are at the top rn, as CEO's, managers, etc). However, when it comes to other human needs like sex and affection, in which they rule, they want it to be as capitalistic as possible.

"But sex and affection cannot be distributed fairly, its not a material". While this is true, you can still enforce monogamy and early marriage, aswell as shaping a culture where it's socially unacceptable to whore around, as it is PROVEN that a high number of partners affects future relationships negatively.

After all, men are the ones who provide a lot of the hard labor, so if they are not motivated, go figure.

TL;DR: Women are hypocrites, people get mad at the wealthy for voting for their own self-interests, but not when women do the exact same.

i probably have spelling mistakes in here but cba fixing that shit im just trying to rant.



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