Robert T. Lee #fundie

Because the first amendment gives the inhabitants of America the so-called "right" to embrace and practice whatever idolatrous religions or weltanschauungs they desire, it actually inspires the creation of delusions and deceptions of every type. It's an inducement to the godless to invent whatever deceptive persuasion or viewpoint they desire for the purpose of brazenly expressing and exploring their foolish "freedom" for the purpose of giving deceptive justification to their particular idolatrous lifestyles and the evil deeds they desire to perform, for the purpose of publicly beclouding truth, leading the gullible from truth to their particular idolatrous persuasion, in order to gain a following, gain political influence for their particular ideology as a group, or to make riches and attain worldly fame. This is the reason why there's such a great number of crackpots who call themselves leaders, preachers, experts and etc., and why there are so many different groups whose agendas are pure vanity, evil and deception.



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