caseypayne1980 #fundie

I've read reports showing the false beliefs of science. "IF" evolution existed we'd still be hairy like apes. For evolution to choose us and not apes is way off. To say well one got to evolutionize and the other stayed hairy. Evolutionist will tell you that the hair stayed on ur head for the sun rays to get blocked. Last time I checked hair was to keep you warm in the winter, not to block sun rays. In that case how come through the generations people getting skin cancer haven't developed into hairy beasts. Exactly, thank you because evolution does not exist. It's a made up theory. You claim evidence, evidence of what? Have you seen it with your own eye's or are you believing a lie? I'm telling you right now, if it goes against Gods word then it is wrong. By accepting Evolution you take away Adam and Eve. You know how so many animal fossils have turned to bone so fast is because they were not only preserved in mudd from the Flood, but they were also compressed with water. Water increases the process of bones turning into rocks. And yet still fossils found today have bone inside of them. Now do you think a bone inside of a rock could last millions of years? Probably not. I'm not flaming you, just stating that it's mis guided information for people to accept a way to go against God. God stressed no tolerance what so ever of other religions, and yes science is a religion.



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