Michael Pearl #fundie nogreaterjoy.org

We can keep our kids away from Hollywood, but aren’t our churches filled with disciples of Hollywood? We homeschool our precious children so they will not be exposed to the evil influences of public school, but then they go to church and associate with the same public school children.


Face it, the church today is not a sanctuary from the world, nor is it a “holy” place.


If they go out to the bathroom, go with them. Never allow them to spend the night with friends or cousins. Slumber parties are sin parties. Never allow them to listen to music through headphones. Three-minute phone conversations, no chat rooms, no surfing the web for any reason. Parents should make it physically impossible for them to even access the web. We didn’t allow our children to spend time in their bedrooms unless they were working on a project or reading. Bedroom doors were always kept open, except for two minutes while dressing.



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