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Now if you want to terrorize the globe, you need followers as well as a vast network of folks who are willing to supply you with the equipment you need to blow things up. A single man who dreams of killing others is never going to get anywhere by himself. He needs to find people who are willing to help him pull off his grandiose plans. After all, well-executed terror attacks require a lot of firepower, upfront planning and split second timing. One man working alone will never be able to do enough damage to hold the attention of the world.

But then we come to the end time prophet: an individual who is going to break all of the rules about what is required to make a global impact. The end time prophet will be a solo act. This person will not have any underground network of folks to help him (or her) carry off his attacks. He won’t partner with any other humans, nor will he try to rally any followers. In fact, when folks do try to publicly attach themselves to the end time prophet as fans or followers, the prophet will swat them away like a man swats at a bothersome fly. Such behavior is so unprecedented that governing authorities won’t be able to get their minds around it. A ton of resources will be spent trying to locate the end time prophet’s human support network because it will be inconceivable that the man doesn’t have one. When no one can explain how the prophet is pulling off the feats he is performing, people will conclude that he must be working for aliens from outer space. Either way, people will be convinced that the prophet must be working in tandem with a vast network of other created beings, because what other explanation could there be?

Now when it comes to God performing epic miracles through a human, there are two historical figures who Christians might think of: Moses and Jesus Christ. How will the end time prophet compare to these two? Well, one thing that the prophet will have in common with Moses will be his humanity. While Jesus was God in a human costume, Moses was just a regular human being. The end time prophet will also be a regular human being. But while Moses’ loyalty to God was fickle, the end time prophet’s devotion to God will be unwavering.

The man Moses had a ridiculous fixation with the issue of ethnicity. He felt that it was of great importance that he was Jewish, and he was very emotionally bonded to those who shared certain ancestors with him. Moses was so obsessed with genetics that he once told Yahweh that he’d rather be eternally damned with his fellow Jews than have to continue life on earth without them. This is like a woman with naturally straight hair deciding that she can’t find happiness in life unless she surrounds herself with a bunch of people who have the same kind of hair that she does. When God gets really angry at straight haired people and says He’s thinking of killing them all off, our woman says she’d rather be killed along with them and thrown into Hell rather than continue developing her relationship with God in a world full of curly haired folks. This is how absurd Moses would talk to God when his love of his fellow Jews became greater than his love of God. Moses really isn’t the fabulous spiritual role model that Christians and followers of Judaism make him out to be. Unlike Moses, the end time prophet will give us an example of what absolute devotion to God looks like. Of course the problem with a guy who is fully devoted to God is that he’ll consider everyone else to be expendable. Moses’ divided loyalties made him a far more likable person than the end time prophet will be. While Moses cared deeply about the welfare of the people he was leading, the end time prophet is going to come across as callous and uncaring. It’s hard to snuggle up to someone when you have reason to think he might stand there smiling while God does terrible things to you.


So what about the end time prophet? Will he also have a teaching ministry? No, he won’t, and this is yet another reason why this person will seem so bizarre. What’s the point of getting the attention of the whole world if you don’t have something to say? The end time prophet will have news cameras thrust in his face so often that he’ll never have to search for a pulpit he can preach from. People will be chasing after the prophet, desperate to get him to show up for televised interviews, press conferences, and religious conventions. While the prophet will occasionally say a few words, he’ll mostly blow off the invitations he’s given to speak. Unlike Jesus and Moses, the prophet won’t be trying to shape people’s theology or educate the masses. This person won’t have the raging ego that we’re used to seeing paired with world fame, nor will he have any interest in self-promotion.

When a man has a deep need to feel understood by his fellow humans, he becomes distressed by people spreading lies about him and he looks for opportunities to protect his reputation. Many lies will be told about the end time prophet. People will make up all kinds of wild stories about things that the prophet did or said in order to poison the public view of him. Rather than try to correct the rumors and accusations, the prophet will be fine with letting people bury fact in fiction. You see, when a man isn’t interested in gathering followers, and when a man is backed by God, he really doesn’t need to care what people think of him.



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