Relic #fundie

Saddam was most definitely a demon force. I saw an actual news clip which showed when he and his sons attended rituals where men were told to stab themselves in the gut with swords and dance around until they dropped dead. And you think Saddam deserved to live? You think a mass murderer who fed on killing people whenever he felt like it, a man who fed on watching people die a torturous death, deserves to live?

You seem to think God is going to bring about the end days without any use of man, that man will not be involved in the great tribulation, or that man will not be involved in the great war, but that only angels will do the work? Well the fact is that angels work through man, don't you know. And so Jesus rides in on the white horse.... in the book of revelation and doesn't slay anyone? If you don't see the hand of God working through righteousness, then you need to look back on history and see how it has been working, is working and will always be working through man. We are vessels... don't you know? If a person is going to be used by satan, they will get the damnation of being a vessel for satan. The righteousness of God works through man.... if you can't see the difference of righteousness at work against the unrighteous, then you need to look at your history lessons from a different perspective.



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