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(describing a woman who allegedly escaped from a "sadistic cult")

1. The sadistic cult has followed her with the aid of the detection devices within her body and thereby terrorizes her. They possess unlimited resources so they are able to travel wherever she lives.
2. The sadistic cult has placed literal animals, detection devices, and other cursed objects in her body.
3. The sadistic cult has broken into the church and cursed several of the rooms.
4. The sadistic cult has visited my home in an attempt to terrorize me, to deter me (they failed).
5. The sadistic cult has infiltrated, via the aid of demonic forces, the church.
6. The sadistic cult astral projects to the young lady on a constant basis to rape, to torment, and physically afflict.
7. The sadistic cult has kidnapped her and forced her to participate in blood rituals in cult meetings.
8. The sadistic cult utilizes her, via her dissociation, for drug deals (the cult has a part in a drug cartel also).
9. The sadistic cult has severely programmed her mind and infused her with occult knowledge from her years of special training in an underground training school on the East Coast.
10. The sadistic cult has involved her in the most heinous activities known to mankind.
11. We have encountered hundreds of thousands of evil spirits and many have been expelled.
12. We have encountered numerous broken parts and many have received miraculous healing (from muteness, deafness, etc).
13. The sadistic cult has created coded personalities that contain information about criminal activities of the drug cartel.
14. The sadistic cult is providing constant surveillance.
15. The sadistic cult has literally taken the core person and locked her up.



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