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What these trans activist kiddies love to selectively forget is that identity by nature is collectivistic, not individualistic.

When you identify into a group, you are saying something about that group. You are implying that there is some shared trait that unites into this common class. Likewise, when you identify out of a group, you are saying something about that group, that you share no quality.

Individual identities do not and cannot exist in a vacuum, by definition they need other people to be meaningful. Like, you can’t be “non-binary” unless there is a binary and other people to put into the binary. It’s the compare and contrast that creates distinction.

When an nb-identifying female claims that she is “not a woman” for whatever reason, she is making a bold ass assumption about every single female human being to have ever existed on Earth — something invariably sexist. For her to not be one, she must be different from all women.

Like ok, if we are all the masters of our own identities and can be whatever we want, why are trans activists pressed over women choosing to call ourselves adult human females? Why must we be labeled “cis”? If you don’t want to be identified by sex why must we be by “gender”?

Well of course, because identity is defined collectively and not individually. People have never gotten to pick whatever they want off of the buffet, it’s a matter of who’s setting the meal. In other words identity is enforced, the question is by who. Whose vision gets to win?

Obviously, trans activists do not and cannot accept women defining ourselves by our sex and rejecting “gender identity” because that’s an affront to their entire ideology. Any women saying we’re women because we’re female implies that males are not women, by basic logic.

By basic logic, if I am ABC because I have XYZ, anyone who does not have XYZ is not ABC. Everyone has to play along to hide the fact that the emperor has no clothes. Individuals setting the standard for their own identification is unsustainable and makes no sense.

So yes, how you identify yourself absolutely has implications for others. Trans activists reveal as much whenever, say, they get upset over trans men calling themselves lesbians. Just admit that rather than playing this “hOw sOmeOnE iDentiFieS dOeSnT afFecT yOu omG” charade.



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