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Hello, my name is Average Foreigner living in Asia. I live here in Concrete Jungle with my wife; her name is Lu and she likes white people very much. We met on Interpals; she was looking for an English partner and I just wanted an Asian girlfriend. I work as an English teacher because I cannot do anything else; that's okay because all I am required to do is act like a big idiot and humiliate myself in front of children. I have been learning the local language for X years now but I will never master it because I have no reason to; who cares anyway because the whole world uses English. All the locals tell me they are jealous of my large penis; this would never happen in the West as there I was considered too weird and awkward to ever go more than first-base with a girl. I feel like a God, my white-skin radiating like the sun's rays over a desolate wasteland. Everywhere I go, the locals kowtow to me because they like my foreign money and when they are even slightly rude to me, I get very angry and post on YouTube about how this country is racist and needs to embrace more diversity. Their traditions are beautiful, but only as much as it entertains me because I cannot be shitted to learn the nuances around a thousand year old culture that isn't my own. I am turning forty this year; that's okay though, as the young women will still lust after me for virtue of my blue eyes and blond hair. Truly, I live in a wonderland; more foreigners should come and date a coked up, sixteen year old girl like I do.



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