jspit2.0 #sexist kiwifarms.net

Troon Ross/Sophie Campbell and Becky Cloonan have put out some okay/decent artwork. As a colorist, troon lunatic Tamara Bonvillain and Alex De Campo are decent.

Gail hasn't written anything genuinely good. At most she has mediocre Birds of Prey/Secret Six that are over praised and barely passable.

What is so galling is that none of these 'women' are notably good at what they do. They have contemporaries, some of them women but most men, who are far better than them at art, writing, color et al. These people would have produced better work.

Gail is the prototype whisperer. She got her job by pulling the Al Sharpton shake down. Step 1, accuse a business of being bad. Step 2, let it be known you can help them with their image problem. (A problem you created). Step 3, make money off of a corporation for doing nothing but cleaning up the mess you made.



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