John C. Wright. #sexist

{from 2017}

I cannot list them all, but here is a choice few: Thor is gone, upstaged and replaced by Lady Thor, who is actually Jane Foster.

Foster was once a nurse, the love interest of Don Blake, and she did things like help sick children. Now she coldcocks evildoers with a honking big hammer, and says she never feels truly alive save when shedding enemy blood in battle a la Conan the Barbarian.

Gal Thor is not an original character, like Sif or Valkyrie, but merely an attempt to blot out male Thor at a time when the Chris Hemsley movies are blockbusters.

And, by the bye, no one else who ever picked up the hammer of Thor, not Beta Ray Bill, not Throg the Frog, even took on the name of Thor, or gained his skill, memory, or personality. But this insolent insult to the continuity hinders not the onward rush of social justice. Logic and good storytelling are flung out the window by these Philistines.

Spiderman has been blotted out by Miles Morales, a half-hispanic half-black with no particular personality. The writers seem not to want to give him any personality, for fear of giving his troubles and woes, which in turn might open them to the witchhunter accusation of being racist.

Hawkeye has been blotted out by female Hawkeye. He has an interesting backstory, and some dramatic personal problems. She is a nonentity who suddenly is the best archer in the Marvel Universe for no particular reason.

Iron Man has been blotted out by Riri Williams, a teen-aged black girl who steals things and accidentally conquers eastern European nations. Instead of having problems like shrapnel lodged near the heart as Iron Man does, the girl version of Iron Man is both utterly incompetent, and utterly flattered, praised, and supported by one and all.

Wasp has been blotted out by Wasp, a girl who never puts on her wasp suit, never shrinks down and never fights crime.



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