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[From "[ER fuel] We need WW3. something really devastating so strong men can take back western society"]

Its no secret that western society (so far, its likely that other the rest of the world will be feminist soon as well) has been ruined by feminism and all sorts of degeneracy.

Men, especially straight white men are villified and get no respect. Everything is blamed on the "evil" patriachy. Lots of men are brainwashed into believe the whole women being oppressed narrative. I won't even get into the lgbt+ degenerate here.

People are ungrateful to men who build and made the US and in general the west so powerful.

And things will only get worse. We have had it too easy in the west so people in the past few decades (and now with social media it has only gotten worse) became focused on dumb shit like feminism.

We need real problems, maybe WW3 or something else that is devastating so people grow up and appreciate men again



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