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( @MorpheusMAGA )

spoilerLeftism is a religion of self-loathing.
It teaches white people to hate their
race, boys to hate their sex, women
to hate their femininity, Americans to
hate their country, westerners to hate
their history. What a contemptible,
toxic thing it is.

( @Weber_Kettle )
@MorpheusMAGA You misspelt Judaism.

( @SThury )
@MorpheusMAGA As long as one understands, Leftism = jews.
That's what you mean, right Matt?

( @LouManotti )
@MorpheusMAGA leftism is just low-tier judaism for unwashed golems.

(@LilyLove )
@MorpheusMAGA it's not leftism, it's cultural marxism

( @VonGustav )
@MorpheusMAGA Looks like matt walsh is firmly in the jew protection racket.

(@Kursi90 )
It doesn't teach MoIoch-worshiping J€ws to hate their religion. Why? Because MoIoch-worshiping J€ws created leftism.

( @JosephChristian33 )
@Kursi90 @MorpheusMAGA
True. 🇮🇱Karl Marx the father of ruthless, subversive Communism, was the grandson of 🇮🇱Talmud Rabbi, Levi Mordecai.

( @RWIS )
@MorpheusMAGA "leftism" is really judeo-cultural marxism brought to America and other European nations by the jewish psychoanalysts from the Frankfurt School.



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