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NYPD officer accused of plotting to hire a hitman to kill her ex-husband and her boyfriend’s teenage daughter sentenced to 48 months for obstruction of justice. With time off for good behavior, she could be home in six months

Meanwhile my brother is serving 10 years for possession of drugs...

America, land of the...what do we stand for again?

If you are white, male, straight, then this ruling political elite despises you today.

"obstruction of justice" They had her dead to rights on solicitation of murder (including a staged murder of her ex)

Female privilege right here. Any man would be spending 20 to life in Prison.

Even if she got 20 to life. Womens prisons are a joke compared to mens

She's a cop and a woman, meaning she has both a pussy pass and the cops protecting her.


Pussy privilege

We need to start pushing against this how can I vote to get this dude off of a judge seat is there anything we can do or are we just fucked. Once they start losing their jobs they'll start caring

Of course if a man did this, he would get 20 years in prison. The pussy pass is real.

After some years these people called "federal judge" will confess that they took orders from top to release criminals with small penalties if they are woman.



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