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[News] 28 year old normie tries to ascend with a 13 year old foid, parents hogtie him and parents get arrested but he doesn’t

so the normie isn't in trouble?


I wonder if there are other lulzy examples of this happening

Finally the justice system actually punishes the right people.
Those parents are hypocrites, they dont want 28 year old normie having sex with their daughter but I can assure 100% if they checked her phone they would see hundreds of videos of her getting gangbanged by chads

If he was a chad they’d allow him to fuck their daughter. But he’s a normie so they were mad at him. I remember your based high IQ thread about hebephilia

Young Chad only. She can understand when young Chad's penis enters in her but can't when the person attached to the penis is older and/or ugly.

He’s 28, even if he dates a 21 year old, people will say he’s a “predator”

clown world

pedo vigilanteism gone wrong
hope h is parents get the electric chair

They’re prolly in jail

Even if he dated a 13 year old and he was 70 it shouldn't matter. This moralfagging for teen rosties is getting old.

Moralfags are worse than foids imo

Ngl if that was my kid I would of surely curb stomped him

Only .0001% of parents do that. Stop trying to sound badass online, you just sound desperate.

@Robtical jfl at this virtue signaller

Silly inkwell teenagers are innocent and delicate flowers they don’t understand sex, sweaty, quit objectifying them

Normies in a nutshell

If she was 13 she clearly isn’t as mature as a 17 year old. I don’t know how female puberty works, and she could of been playing him the whole time. But the guy is 28 and trying to fuck a 13 year old is like playing with your life

THe idea that someone’s life is ruined from statutory rape is a myth

Agreed. Most relationship abuse happens between teenagers of the same age. 50% of teenage girls said they got emotionally or physically abused by their boyfriends of equal age, whereas teenage girls who dated someone older than 18 reported it was less than 18%.

Social services are barking up the wrong tree.

Can I see the study that’d be interesting



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