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What a lot of people don't understand is that whenever feminists lobby for policy that specifically targets women, they actively exclude men from receiving help. Feminists say that it isn't a zero sum game and that both men and women can be helped, but that's not true even in the slightest. Feminist theory states that every issue affects women more severely. So no matter what happens to men in society, actively supporting something which targets a male problem is generally considered sexist.

It doesn't have to be a zero sum game, but they've effectively turned it into one.

Hilariously enough, I was going to cite female-only scholarships despite men being discriminated against in education, and I found this citation on the website:

It seems that scholarships are equally distributed between sexes: 59% of recipients are female and 41% are male.

According to scholarship statistics by race, only 38% of the recipients are minority students, and 62% are white students.

Like, what in the flying fuck? I was looking for simple data on college scholarship distribution, and I was immediately hit with someone saying 59% / 41% is an equal distribution, but only a 3% difference with the white/minority statistic being (stated elsewhere in the article) a shocking imbalance. This is especially mindboggling because men are about 50% of the US population, making them far underrepresented for scholarships, but racial minorities are about 28% of the population, making them overrepresented for scholarships (numerically).

You can't even look up a single statistic without seeing feminist slant.



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