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Every good & perfect gift is from the Creator. Perfected morality is found in Christ in Christ alone, and thus faith in Him is a dangerous, but moral, choice to live for His kingdom & righteousness in recognizing His life as the saving revelation of the glory of G-d. Morality is more than a system of knowledge, & in Christian faith, is actual a prior to knowledge itself, as it is most fundamentally realized by obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit rather than by rubrics of theoretical buttressing. Knowledge itself, in G-d, often follows after obedience to His lead rather than preceding action. Prayer & receiving heavenly wisdom in its purity is a powerful leveller when it comes to readiness to stand blameless in the sight of G-d.

Pre-shintoist Japanese derived their totems of power from the worship of nature, which is derivative and idolatry of the created rather than worship of the Creator. Sun worship was one of the totems the conquering clan followed, which is their identification as a nation. Much of the moral values of the culture apart from Pharoah-like emperor worship derives from imitation & an outsider's dialogue with the Chinese history of imperial dynasties, together with Confucianism and the assimilation of Western mores that were once somewhat tightly intertwined with Christian belief. Japanese, unlike the Germans, haven't faced penalty for war crimes of the WWII era but have been able to hide behind alliance with the umbrella of US power in the Pacific to be considered righteous by many westerners because of their loyalty. This was because Jews had representatives in America to press the case for trials even to the extent in which they happened, whereas racist American immigration policy against Asians had been part of Japan's sell-out of the rest of Asia in its "Gentleman's Agreement" with President Roosevelt. There is innocent bloodshed, including churches burned with Christians still within them, on the hands of their patron saints that they raise up as heroes at their war shrines. There are some rare but precious Christian brothers in Japan who have endured in the faith despite its corruptions, which it is often willing to implement at home with equal force and wickedness as outside its nationalist bent



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