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Khanhminh Nguyen: One of my former classmates told me herself that I would die a horrific way if I didn't stop being a Buddhist. I asked her if she talked about [Revelation 14:14-20], and she answered yes. She even told me that it was the best judgment her god had for non Christians.

If this passage was Koranic words, people would be horrified. Nevertheless, because it was biblical text, believers' sentiment was softened and even cheerful. That's why evangelical Christians frighten me just like "moderate" Muslims.

NIGELTEAPOT: She was right, you should have listened instead of becoming possessed (sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance all but guarantee it)

The Greatest Act of Love by God is hell as everywhere the wicked are turns into hell.

you were born here instead of hell to give you a chance to repent. you then must prove yourself worthy of a spot in the Hierarchy of Grace left vacant by the demons.

you were weak and so God removed His Grace from you (or what little is allowed to the unbaptized, if any) and that was to harden your heart so you destroy yourself but also to let demons push the process along.

you could Repent, which being go beyond your weakness and ascend to a higher state of ring than sodomite monster, but that would require Strength. you would have to completely give up all of your evil to do so from your situation.

I think you can do it, but I also see a sad, suicidal man trying to do the work of demons out of fear of demons. Hopefully the Holy Spirit can convert you, but you would have to prove yourself worthy first.



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