Trumps WAY BETTER than Ostupid #fundie #psychoceramics #dunning-kruger

Trumps WAY BETTER than Ostupid: Jesus Christ is the ONLY one who was killed and walked OUT of his own tomb 3 days later! Last I looked Buddha NEVER claimed to be God and he is dead and buried along with every other fake god you mentioned, or NEVER even existed!

Hominid: Sappy make-believe.

Trumps WAY BETTER than Ostupid: "Sappy make-believe." Perhaps you really are related to monkeys because you certainly are stupider than a chimp!

I have a hard time imagining you beating Koko the gorilla in a game of tic tac toe! And Koko is dead!

My German Shepherd is 10 times smarter than you and he licks his own butt and eats cat poop! Your family must be proud, if they had brains they would be ashamed!

Modern education and left wing media = creating people stupid enough to follow liberals and repeat what they're told, and dumb enough to think this makes them smarter than everyone else…

Confronting libs and atheists with facts is about as useless as trying to explain quantum mechanics to a tree stump.

No surprise here, 64% of people without a high school diploma voted for Obama.

It is a shame that things like this have to explained to leftist atheists, especially when you people laughably hold yourselves in such high educational regards.

Judging by your comments, young lady, you have not done your research and must be very young and very stupid! You must have a single digit IQ. Lower than that of Nazi Piglosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Mad Maxine Watters and they all scored in the negative!

Being a millennial and a Democrat or an atheist is a clear indication of being retarded. I’m pretty sure that the total sum of your knowledge of fact based science and Biblical history could be written on the head of a pin.

DemocRats and atheists are SO STUPID it’s a wonder they can even BREATH unaided!

This is the last time I will reply to anything you post. Why you ask? Because arguing with an idiot is like banging your head against a feels good when you stop.

It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it is damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person… The smart person knows when to walk away..... Good bye



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