Hubert Cumberdale & Apex Predator #sexist #wingnut

(Hubert Cumberdale)

Women under 30 think the world owes them something so why pay for it.

If life is divided into 5ths -- with 15 years in each section (75 in total) -- the 2nd section (age 15 - 30) is a woman's oyster. If her looks are sufficient, all manner of personality defects, bad behavior, and poor decision making are excused due to men's greatest desire of having an attractive woman by his side. Women still have a lot of power in the 3rd section (age 30 - 45) but it wanes considerably and the balance of power gradually shifts to men who at least have their financial house and health in order. Men of means in the 4th and 5th sections (age 45 to death) have it better than women. Older men can still marry and father children with women considerably younger than them while women do not have this option and are largely invisible at this point.

People don't really appreciate just how much overlap there is with AmRen and the general "manosphere" talking points from the likes of Roosh, Richard Cooper, Rollo Tomassi, etc. When you date or marry your typical Millennial or older Gen Z American woman, you are dating or marrying her debts that women from most other nationalities simply will not have.

(Apex Predator)
The 19th Amendment was a serious mistake, if you can't look around and understand this you are living in an alternate reality. A creature ruled by 'feelz' and emotions has no business attempting to run a society anywhere except into the ground. (some exceptions for the pragmatic & logical women which are a minority, but do exist)



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