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In line with my recent postings on the twilight language role of "corn" in cinema, comics, and other events, I wanted to stop for a moment to note the literal linkage and invention of the term "cereal killers." Corn is interchangeable with cereal in older European texts.

The editor of Paranoia Magazine, Joan d'Arc interviewed author Michael Hoffman in 2000, about his article, "The Scapegoating of Ted Kaczynski: Cereal Murder and the Group Mind."

Hoffman is to be credited within the widespread use of the terminology "cereal killers."

The missing element in studying true crime or occult crime or “cereal” killers is the story aspect. Above all else these are stories, like a bedtime story or a fairy story or a Shakespeare play. I’m not saying they are fiction. I’m saying they are speaking to the eternal verities and themes that are common to powerful literature and to the tales which have imprinted people to such an extent that they are passed down from generation to generation.
A story is a message told with words and other symbols, invoking familiar images from the subconscious, which then generate an internal dialogue between our conscious and subconscious.
* * *
There is an occult nose-thumbing at the bottom of many of these twilight language cereal murders, such as Jack the Ripper - poking fun at the investigators and the public because so many don't get the black comedy at the heart of it. It's a feeling of superiority magnified exponentially.
~ © Michael A. Hoffman II

Clearly, Hoffman brings to our attention the words "cereal killer" and "cereal murder" to convey the deeper meaning he sees in "serial murders." The use of the name "cereal" is linked to its occult (as in the original meaning, "hidden," as well as its more contemporary theme - paranormal).

Hoffman, in another article about the D.C. Sniper, wrote: "'Serial' killer is heard as 'cereal' killer (from Ceres the vegetative goddess of human sacrifice). This writer [Michael Hoffman] didn’t coin the word 'serial' killer for ritual murder, the U.S. government’s FBI profilers did."

From Wikipedia: "Ceres' devotion to her own offspring [is likened] to that of a cow to its calf; but she is also as the originator of bloody animal sacrifice, a necessity in the renewal of life. She has a particular enmity towards her own sacrificial animal, the pig. Pigs offend her by their destructive rooting-up of field crops under her protection."

The Roman Ceres' known mythology is indistinguishable from the Greek Demeter's.

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