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After being in prison for nearly a year and half—much of it in solitary confinement in the Washington, D. C. jail—for simply trying to save the life of Roseanne Boylan who was beaten to death along with three other patriots killed by police on Jan. 6, 2020, Jake Lang blesses God for considering him worthy of suffering.

"We battle this spiritual warfare by the love of God, staying grateful and praising God," says Lang, speaking from the detention facility and referencing the dramatic new documentary, The Truth About January 6th.

Lang narrates the documentary from the Washington, D.C., jail. With newly released video from individuals at the rally as well Capitol cameras, the story is finally told of how the nearly 1 million godly men and women gathered on the Ellipse on Jan. 6 to pray and seek the face of God to save the stolen election, then walked down to the Capitol to provide moral courage and strength for the disputed counting of electoral votes. This routine process occurs in every election, resulting in certification, and when both a senator and congressman support a challenge, the votes are returned to the states for a 10-day pause.
Over 800 godly men and women have been charged in a completely fraudulent series of arrests. The movie reveals the Capitol Police inviting people into the Capitol grounds as well as the Capitol itself, in addition to showing people leaving when instructed to by the same Capitol Police. This stands in contrast to the 537 riots during the summer of 2020 by Black Lives Matter and antifa, which resulted in over $2 billion in damage; 2,000 injuries to police officers and others; and 30 deaths. The only deaths on Jan. 6 were those of Benjamin Phillips, Ashli Babbit, Rosanne Boyland and Kevin Greeson—all killed by the Capitol Hill police.

"It's like being in the desert where Christ staved off the devil and where angels ministered to him," Lang continues.



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