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The girlfriends of your friends and relatives have been with thousands of chads already. It wouldn't make a difference if they shared them with you.

Yet they won't because they don't care about our suffering. They will keep talking about their girlfriends at every opportunity, knowing we don't have one, but you know they'd never share them and would be freaked out if we asked, even though she has been with thousands of chads anyway.

That's another reason to not have friends if you're incel. I already mentioned in this forum a few times, that I have stopped hanging out with my friends because it's erfuel, both hearing them talk about their girlfriends and dates and seeing couples when going out. Also friends are useless, I just need a gf.

But, to top it off, there's also this. Would it make sense for a homeless, malnourished man to be friends with a middle class guy who won't help him in the slightest and keeps talking to him about the BMW he's considering buying? Same for us.

Ik it's a cucked thing to do. If I got a gf I wouldn't want someone else to fuck her obviously. But, damn, if you think about it, she has been with thousands of chads anyway, what's the difference? And it'd be just one night and with their knowledge. If the gf doesn't want to, that's no excuse because they could just trap her into being locked up alone with you in the basement or something, and just fuck her without consent.



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